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Aplusix Neo comes from the Aplusix Windows software application which is used regularly by middle and high schools.
It renews its fundamental functions:

  • continuously checking calculations,
  • detecting the completion of exercises,
  • a command to do numerical calculations.
The statement indicates the exercise to solve.
The student can create as many calculation steps as they wish.
Aplusix Neo tells if the expression of each step is well formed and is equivalent to the previous one.
Aplusix Neo also indicates when the exercise is correctly solved.

Aplusix Web UI

Practice as you wish

Aplusix Neo is coded in JavaScript. It is compatible with all the tablets, smartphones or computers.
It allows practicing calculations and algebra in a pleasant way everywhere: at the middle school, at the high school, at home, in transports.
Its predecessor, Windows software, is very appreciated:
I like this program because it helped me a lot in Mathematics and it gave me more confidence to do difficult exercises.

TetrisQuiz avec smartphones et tablettes

Some calculations performed by the device

Numerical calculations are done by the device.
Some calculations (those that have been chosen by the creator of the resource) can be performed by the device. One way to do a calculation is to select a subexpression and use the calculation button that appears in the selection palette, see example opposite. Another way is to do a drag-and-drop calculation by selecting a subexpression and dragging it to another location. The "Presentation" section contains more details on these calculation possibilities.

Fonctions de calcul

Calculs auxiliaires

Various exercises

Aplusix Neo groups various and fundamental exercises for algebra.
A wide range of exercise is proposed by Aplusix Neo: numerical calculations, factoring, expanding and simplifying, solving equations, inequalities and linear systems of equations.
The base of exercises is regularly updated with resources produced by the authors of the application and by middle and high school teachers.

Teachers can create Aplusix resources

The EpsilonWriter Creator application allows teachers to create exercise files for Aplusix and upload them to the epsilon-publi website. Teachers can also create resources by modifying open source resources of the epsilon-publi site. They can give resources to students through links that are provided by EpsilonWriter Creator; They can be added to the list of teachers who publish resources: List.
They can then create a gallery and ask for it to be added to existing galleries.

Scientific experiments, led by math education researchers and psychologists in different countries proved that students who used Aplusix Windows actually improved their skills.
Teachers enjoy it and students too:
It helped me a lot to improve my calculations. My speed has also increased, it is just fantastic!

MCSquared Project logo

The MC² Project and Aplusix Neo

Aplusix Neo is partly funded by the MCSquared european project. This project focus is on social creativity in the design of digital media intended to enhance creativity in mathematical thinking (CMT).

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